Who better to handle your financial services then a leading company whose mission is to insure our customers a secure future?
At Volcy Financial Services, we share a valuable concept to help our client understand the importance of building a solid financial future through our contracted companies.
We work with you side by side on a strategy to provide regular check up to help you reach your financial goals. Whether you are planning for your personal finances, education saving, retirement saving, or other financial needs, we can help you get there; one decision at a time. We offer an extensive variety of account types designed to match your unique situation.

Our Financial products include Annuities.

What is Annuity?
Annuity is a contract you and an insurance company. They invest money with a fixed or variable return rate; and income isn’t taxed until withdrawn from the contract, making annuity good for retirement savings.

Type of annuities

Fixed annuity:� a fixed annuity provides a guaranteed interest rate for a fixed period of time.

Here's a how it works: you make a check payable to one of our contracted insurance company, and they invest it. If their investments do poorly, they will still pay you the interest rate that they promised. The interest rate you are paid will be periodically adjusted up or down, but it will never go below the guaranteed rate.

Variable annuity: combines the standard feature of most annuities with investment choices. As with most annuities it offers tax differed growth on our earning, and a death benefit for your beneficiaries. Plus when you purchase a variable annuity, you can choose how options called subaccounts invest in underlying portfolios that are invested common stocks, bond, money market or a combination of these. The value & your annuity will increase or decrease depending on your contribution and the performance of your investment choices.

Indexed Annuity:
An indexed annuity earnest interest on the potential upward movement of the equity index. Indexed annuities also feature minimum interest rates. This rate serves as “Safety Valve” by providing growth even when the market performs poorly. Index Annuities are a popular option for people who want some of the growth potential of a variable annuity, but with less risk.

Immediate Annuity
With an immediate annuity, you begin receiving payment within one month or up to twelve month from your annuity purchase date, depending on when you want to start the income stream. When purchasing an immediate annuity, you can tailor it to fit your personal needs, which includes choosing a payment option and the frequency of the payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually)
Single Premium Immediate Annuity

  • Issue age ranging from age 1-99 years old
  • Contribution amount starts at $5000
  • A variety of payment options to meet you and your spouse’s need

Market Value Adjusted Annuity
Market value adjusted annuities can help you get a variety of interest rates. With these plans, you can divide your money over several different contract periods, each with its own rate of interest. During each contract period, you may choose to take cash from your account when prevailing interest rate are favorable for a withdraw. “Market Value adjusted annuities have a greater potential to provide higher interest than traditional fixed annuity”

  • Issues ages from 0-90
  • Policies starts as little as $2,000
  • Flexible premium, premium addition of $1,00
  • Choice of guarantee period
  • Condiment waiver benefit available.