Life Insurance

What is the primary purpose of Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a means of providing death benefit protection which can secure financial needs of an individual’s family. It allows for continuous financial living of those whom you leave behind.

Who should consider obtaining Life Insurance?

Anyone who needs to replace lost income upon a spouse’s death, anyone who requires a short term benefit protection such as debts, car payments, mortgage payment, etc.,  Anyone who wants to insure their estates or business for their future generations.

Our contracted companies offer two types of Life Insurance Policies:

Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance provides permanent coverage for you and your family. If you are age 55 or under, your future insurability is protected through the option to purchase additional insurance features, such as Premium Waiver and Accidental Death Benefit.


Term Insurance provides coverage to protect the lives of your loved ones. It provides a monthly income to reduce the financial demands such as paying off a debt, paying education expenses, etc. There are three types of term life insurance policy we offer:

20 Year Renewable & Convertible Term (20RC)
10 Year Renewable & Convertible Term (10 RC)
5 Year Renewable Term

Differences you need to know about Whole Life and Term Insurance:


Whole Life

Term lasts for a set period of time- i.e. 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years.

Whole Life lasts for your “whole” life.

Term insurance rates will increase

Whole life insurance rates will never increase.

Term insurance has no Cash Value.

Whole Life insurance has Cash Value, a savings that builds up inside the policy.

Term insurance has no value other than death benefits.

Whole Life insurance Cash Value can be used for a loan or to convert the policy to Paid-up insurance.

Term insurance is inexpensive.

Whole Life insurance costs more.

Term insurance cancels if you miss a payment.

Whole Life insurance could stay a force for a period of time even though a payment is not made.

Term is like renting a house or leasing a car.

Whole Life is like owning a house or buying a car.



Plans below $20,000:

  • 20 - Pay Whole Life
  • Whole Life
  • Career Life Plus
  • 5-Year Renewable Term to 100
  • Group Term Life

Plans $20,000 and above:

  • Whole Life
  • Unique Life Protector
  • Career Life Plus Term
  • Annual Renewable Term
  • Level Decreasing Term
  • Mortgage Decreasing Term
  • 10-Year Renewable & Convertible Term
  • 20-Year Renewable & Convertible Term
  • Group Term Life
  • 5-Year Renewable Term to 100


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